Join the North Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce every Tuesday for the “Weekly Business Spotlight” showcasing chamber members from our four town region of Suffield, Somers, Enfield, and East Windsor.
This week we would like to feature our Chamber Members at the Journal Inquirer. We would like to Thank the Journal Inquirer for supporting our chamber and for being a dedicated member since 1970.

Fifty years ago, on August 19, 1968, in a converted garage on a hill in Rockville, the Journal Inquirer was born, conceived in the belief that the towns to the east and north of Hartford that were growing so fast deserved more than the token attention they were getting from the Hartford and Springfield newspapers. Few people outside the new enterprise took it seriously; most people in the newspaper business just laughed when they paid any attention at all. Few people expected it to survive.

So what sells newspapers? And what has sold this newspaper, particularly during the last 50 years? Market surveys, technology, graphics, promotions, and such have their place. But this newspaper’s experience suggests that, in the end, news still sells newspapers, and that behind the controversy and occasional unpleasantness, people really do want a newspaper that gives them news about themselves, their town, and their state that they really can’t get any place else, a newspaper that “tells it like it is.” As we observe our 50th anniversary we thank you, our readers, for having taken us this far, for having given us a confidence we weren’t expected to win.
We promise to continue to give our best.