Dear Valued Business Owner:

The North Central Connecticut Chamber of Commerce is excited to announce a new partnership with CGI Communications, Inc. to create a series of professionally produced online videos to highlight everything our community offers residents, visitors, and business owners.

In addition to creating the videos, CGI is ensuring they are seen. Mobile devices have shifted the landscape of business, making it more important than ever to embrace technology as residents of

North Central Connecticut are able to stream high quality video on every device. For many businesses, getting noticed online can be a challenge, however, utilizing video dramatically improves visibility and drives more action to your website than static pages; the demand for video climbing even higher for users on mobile devices. Today, mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage and that number continues to climb. CGI Communications will ensure your video program is future-proof for years to come!

With an easily viewable interface on the chamber’s website, this video program will encourage viewers to learn more about area attractions, economic development opportunities, quality of life, and the businesses supporting the program. In addition, the chamber’s website will backlink to CGI’s, which hosts the Video Tour.

We are dedicated to highlighting the advantages of living and working in North Central Connecticut; advantages that include access to our wonderful business community; and we feel that this video program can be widely successful. We encourage you to consider participating in this program as it provides an exciting opportunity to showcase your business and utilize the power of video on your own websites and social media pages.

To learn more about sponsorship opportunities or to request an appointment please e-mail

Best Regards,



Mike Vezzola

Executive Director NCCCC